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A heightened security alert has been issued by TSA and the Homeland Security
This suitcase was found at a crowded event. Agents foiled the plot to detonate this device and are searching for a TD who apparently had masterminded the timing of the foiled detonation and two accomplices with orange hair, striped baggy suits and big red noses - who are alleged to have placed the device.

Mortar Plot Foiled by Federal Agent

It's really Clean Out time. This is a list of stuff we are tired of looking at. Pricing is very good and we just want it goneeeeee!

Lightbroker Clean-out 2013
We are serious about moving this stuff so call now!

ETC Sensor rack - great condition from a TV studio. Barely a scratch. Full 48 chs of D20 modules.
Soco out etc.


Tomcat Light Duty Truss - looks like new. Apparently came from the George Foreman Grill Tradeshow!
About 16 pcs remain.
This is the good stuff!

$425 a stick .....
E Fan type Blower, has a frame stand not shown - handy high power blower - comes with some free plastic airtubes!

Pair of dusty Technos in fairly nice dual case - both fixtures seem to fire up but will need the usual cleaning and tweaking .... $995 the pair with the case
Zip it!
2 6 ft zip strips - with lamps and plugs etc, even a little packet of mini gels and gel frames!

$250 the pair
Martin "Old Faithfull" Mac 600

We have one pair in a road case - $1495 for the lot.
Cyberlight Outdoor Coffin type thing!
Brand new - the paper is still on the plexi. has fan and filter arrrangement. Could be used for various lights.

LED Dance floor Panels

We have at least 49 working panels and some spares. All are in roadcases. We have a large number of the edge ramp sections and corners. All the cables come with. This would be great as a permanent install at a nightclub or use it for rentals. Panels rent for $100-200 each for an event.

Visit the website at for more info.

We are selling the complete package for $15000
AND we will refer over the numerous calls we get for rentals. We are just not set up to do the rentals any longer!

ETC - 3 way Source 4 par strip, Brand new with trunions etc -

Box of EYC MR16 lamps - 12v 75 watt 36 degree
17 pcs - $30
NSI Rack
This is a nice custom NSI 24 ch  rack - all looks like new. Has the cam in and nice soco panel out. The rack mount dimmers are the DDS 8800 units

Strand CD80 60 Amp (6k) 48 ch Rack
Its a beast but if you don't have to move it around too much - this one is for you! NOW $2995.00
ENR 96 Channel Dimmer rack. Taken out of working installation. Comes with some spare modules, fans etc
Also a spare control module. They still make these so this is a current product. Great price $6995.00
Nice distro panel - cam in and PBG out. Worth the price just for the parts .... $195.00
4K HMI Fresnel with Arri Daylight ballast - $2400
Nice shockmount rack - we have a pair of these. no fronts. $195 the pair!
Pile of parts - old studio colors - probably a few useful bits and pices - 6 carcasses - $250 the lot
Skypar 575 HMI units - we have a boneyard of non working units. The working ones are all gone. People love them. My guess is that out of all these units someone could revive at least 4 or 5 pieces. Plus there are all the 575 lamps which all seem to be good. The ballasts can be fixed by Lightparts. So potentially a good lot. Probably about 15 or so fixtures and at least 15-20 ballasts.... $1500 the lot
Altman 2k Fresnel - we have 3 pcs $99 each.
Pile of Par Bars - these are all ugly and need attention - but if you have the patience ....... 15 or so bars - $150
Nice pair of Genies - $1995 each
Lot of Wire Rope.
in two steel cases
32 pcs x 20ft - $10
39 pcs x 30ft - $14
20 pcs x 50 ft - $20
30 pcs x 3 ft - $8
13 pcs x 6ft - $10
52 pc x 5ft - $10
80 pc x 10ft - $10
18 pc 3 ft chain - $10
incl 2 cases
The Lot - $995!!!!!!
Altman Steel Par cans! About 10 pcs left. All have lamp, frame and stage pin - about 12 pcs - $15 each
ETC Sensor 96 ch SR48 installation rack - all with D20AF dimmer modules and CEM - we have 3 units available.
$11995 each rack
Martin MP 2000 Fog machines - working from rentals. Good clean units. $499 each
Martin Atomic strobes - direct from Martin - B stock/used - 4 available - $469 each -
ColorRam II scrollers - these have the scrolls and come from rentals so are in good working order. We have about 20 pcs along with some of the 12 way PSU units.
Forerunner power supply - $300
2 Pcs Color command  - They look complete - $750 the pair.
Christie Roadrunner 6500 lumen projector. Nice projector with wide angle lens. $1495.00
High End F100 - this is a refurb from the factory that we found. Will come with a brand new Timer Remote.
$895.00  - this is one of the last you will find!
Strand CD 80 2.4 x 12ch dimmer pack - cam in and stage pin out .... $1395
ETC Smart pack Dimmers ... 6ch x 2.4ch - these have hardwire in and out - so could be used for nice installation .... $995 each these look like new
Electrol 12 ch dimmers.
Electrol DX 12 Channel x 1500 W Dimmer Pack LSC19 6-Circuit Outputs and Patch / Power Lock In, D125dx-P19-PL
Still a current model - DMX - List for $2295

Buy the pair for $1500
Sensor portable pack -
ETC sensor 12 Ch Dimmer rack. Has Cam lock in and stage pin out.  This is a 12 x 50 amp rack..
$3995.00 - included 12 sets of 60-20 amp
spg break outs

Wire rope Ladders - 2 pcs left - look to be abot 30 ft or so - take both for - $100
Fall Arrester kit .... these are expensive new - we have 3 sets - $350 each or the 3 sets for $750
Martin PR1 Mania
These are cool little gobo rotator units - great for logo projectors etc - $150 each NEW
Martin Mania DC1 - $99 each NEW
Load of mini C clamps - $150 the lot
Acclaim Power supplies - these are for the Elation LED XPANEL video wall - these look brand new - if you have a system grab these - $50 each
Some crazy Clearcom type system - $100
Strobe Tube!
This stuff is great! Impossible to find this nowadays. We have about 50 pcs and the controller ... we used to rent these sticks for $25 each ..... take the lot with the cases for $1500 .....
Blimpscreen - 15 x 20 unit

We have a couple of used units - these units last forever and are not the Chinese made ones ... we manufacture these and they retail for $6995 each with the blower etc

1 Quite used with a few snaps missing but in working condition with blower $1795
1 Not quite new with blower - $2995
Rosco 1500 - the old faithfull -
If it works $150
If it doesnt $25

Hog 500 Console
This is literally the last Hog 500 ever made by High End  - this was their warranty backup unit. It is brand new in the box - these were and still are a solid bullet proof console - these later ones had 1000chs of DMX

We can even offer the warranty!

20" 4 way corners

we have 5 pcs left - $350 each - these are brand new
Varilite VL 2000 Arc

We have 6 pcs that are working and recently checked. Package price will include 3 dual cases and a 7th unit that can be used for parts of brought back to life!

These are great fixtures.

Package of 7 pcs - $11,995.00
Color Ram II power supplies. These are in nice condition - about 4 available - $795 each
Holy Flashers - found some AF1000!

Great units and these are with reflectors and in nice condition - 6 pcs available - $150 each
Rainbow Color Scrollers.

These are rock solid scrollers - if you know scrollers you know that. These were $1000 each in the day!

Package of 12 pcs with Power Supply - $1500
Motor Distro with case and pickle!


Mainlight Soft LED 18 x 33 ft

This is a complete system - it is the
8x8 Medium resolution system. Not only is this the LED drape but it also include a fiber optic curtain built into the drape - so it serves also as a nice FOC - comes with 2 of the Martin QFX150 illuminators

These are current items and sell for $30K+!!!

Take this complete system for $7500
Martin MAC 700 wash

This is sealed in the box from Martin B Stock - so tested and ready with 30 day warranty.

Dealer cost on these is over $8000!

Not this one - $3450.00
Martin Mac 250 Krypton - White

Sealed in the box from Martin B stock - if you can use white or have a can of spray paint this is for you ... we have 2 pcs - $1895 the pair!
Martin Mac 2k Performance E!

Again this one is sealed in the box from Martin B stock central - so must be stock and working - right?

$2995.00 -
ETC Ion console with touchscreen and 2x20 wing - this is like new from a church. This is the 2000ch unit which is part # 4310A1014 from ETC

But no more!!!!

Now its $7995 - hurry - this is an expensive console and only by special order P.O.A from ETC

Sanyo PLC100L
6500 lumen projector
These are like new - came out of a DL fixture..fantastic projector with all sorts of features.
No lens - but you can get a standard lens for around $200

Very nice - like brand new High Lux
575/700 HMI/MSR Turbo Kit. Electronic lightweight ballast, fixture with lamp' 30 ft header cable, w lenses, barn doors, custom factory case.
Fantasic kit for video/grip kit!
We sold several of these at $1895.00

We have 2 left at $1295 each

We just bought several 48": balls for a commercial - so after end of April they must go.

48" ball - with road case - $2995.00
LED Bulbs - these are Fun!
screw in with various color fade modes.
Complete with the cool white mini Par can - $25 each

Procan Blinders
No lamps

2 pcs available - $400 the pair
Thomas type HD blinder with ACL lamps

Studio Color 575's - tested and working
Picture is not the ones! But we have a bunch of the round arm 575s in cases. $995 each with the case when you get two

Studio Spot 575 - tested and working

$1250 each
NSI NRD 8000 32 ch rack - is sweet walnut case!

Cam in and PBG plugs on the back. In a rolling case.

Cant go wrong at this price $1395.00!!
Crank stand par bar holders -
Post these in the top of you SL16 and they make a great horizontal bar holder.
4 pcs - $150 the lot
NSI MLC 16 - this one without a disk drive.

$200 - no case
Imagescan Remote!
Can't tell you how many times we have been asked for this item. But could never find it - till now!

ELO Touchscreen monitor 15"

Great replacement for your IPC or for a PC widget.

The Last Hog 2!!!

Here is a Hog 2 Widget - Ol Blue!

It has the hog 2 software chip but can be upgraded to hog 3 or 4.

Optosplitters - we have several of these.

$195 each
Timer remote for F100 - I think we have one spare unit. Handy
Iris module for Technobeam - we have several

$50 each
DP 8000
DMX 8000 channel processor for Hog 3
Refurb like new in the box from High End


For the complete list of these specials with pics - go to
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