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DF50 case - custom ABS roadcase for DF50s - we have a bunch of these built and have some left over - $249 each - brand new. Like new Used once -  DF50 Hazer in  great shape and fully operatonal at $1,895 - In Box as new!

Hazer - does the same job as the DF50 but with a remote control and way cheaper -lLike New units used once! $399.00ea Xlnt unit! Bubble machine. Can't go wrong at this price! - $95

Le Maitre Bubble Master machine. The best there is! Like new - full warranty - $439 Fog Fluid - new in cases of 2 pcs only - Atmospheres by High End 2.5 gallon - $69.95 each Martin Fog Fluid - min 2 pcs - $49.95 each - watch out for our Web Cam Special! Timer remote for AMDJ Foggers $31
We have the last few cases of this formula - now discontinued by High End
Diversitronics Star Strobe - these are very bright. The real thing! $65 Amdj Star Strobe $10 each Road case for F100 - brand new. Heavy duty, foam lined. $295 ea
$250 with purchase of F100
Universal Strobe Controller - DMX - really handy unit - will run AF1000 and other 2 channel strobes. $100.00 WOW!!!! Pulsar Jumbo Strobe! The original. New/demo - $195 SPECIAL
Snapshot DMX strobe - great value.$130 (2 available) Pallette of Le Maitre Fog Fluid -
40 x 4litre Lite Haze
32 x 4litre Extra Quick Dis Fog Fluid
4 x 4litre Quick Dis Fog Fluid
Over $1700 at best dealer cost - sell complete package for $1550!!

Buy the lot for $1000!!!